Thursday, June 26, 2008

Emerging from the Haze. Temporarily.

The world is working against me. Or my mind is. At first it was all "AAAAAAH THE ASSIGNMENTS MARCH ON! I MUST DO THEM!" and then it just became "you've having too much fun to be on the internet at all. Stop with the seriousness and get out there and do some silly nonsense."

I've listened to my mind on both occasions and look where it got me. *sigh* God bless John for keeping this one updated while we've all been crazily running around like headless chooks trying to complete end-of-semester exams.

I've been saving my favourite Garfield Minus Garfield comics for a while now. Here is an overdose:

There is no tweet of the week this week because Twitter has disabled the 'favourites' page. It's having issues again. Classic Twitter style.

I really liked this video though - entitled "Hodge Podge Sex Tornado":

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