Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Few Hours = A Week

Terribly sorry etc. As the hours turned into days and the end of semester squeeze got tighter and tighter I thought "I could do my lols late, or I could go out for coffee". And that was that.

Rip-snorter of a post today though. Yes it is.

GraphJam is an interesting site; who would have thought that graphs could (at least attempt to be) quite funny?

Of course, lolcats:
And because of my absence last week-slash-Twitter being stupid the week before we now have THREE tweets of the week:

Sam is so adorable!

Jake is a wise, wise man. Are the people on it?

The next is actually an entire Twitter page. To properly understand it (and to not give away the punchline!) you've got to read from the bottom up. Classic example of someone not using a site because they just can't work it.

There was a piece of flair I found on Facebook that was absolutely hilarious for so, so many reasons I couldn't possibly outline them all. What better thing to do than send it to a friend?

And with that rather gratuitous lol (apparently in all senses of the word) I will bid you adeau. I'll see you next week. There will be festivals and things.

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