Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sunday Edition

So it's a weekender DLOL posting from me, it seems. This isn't because I forgot, but since we were promised a contribution from Fillet on Thursday, and got a posting from JoJ on Friday, I thought I'd forgo until later.

Last night was our end-of-uni formal, which was 110% awesome. Good food, terrible wine and awesome company - I got to catch u p with some people I haven't really seen in months, or years. That's the way it goes, I guess, but it was a great night.

Anyway, it's time for loltime. I got introduced to the Scratch and Burn team a while back; apparently they had a run on MTV once upon a time or something. Here is arguably their best ever work: Hamlet in One Minute.

Oh how I lol'd. (Speaking of, when using "lol" as a verb, should the past tense be loled, lolled or lol'd? Hmm...)

What's that you say? You want some truly bad taste lols? I can do that! Cyanide and Happiness, to the rescue!

Really, really bad taste. But that's the Explosm team for you.

Finally, let it not be said that Messr. Munroe is one to leave things on a sad note. The Journal Saga continues!

See you later, people!

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