Thursday, May 29, 2008

Commons Edition

...Seriously. Don't look too hard at it.

But what? 8pm and no lol from Joel?! Why, that practically rhymes!

Fact is, I'm sitting here in a cosy little corner of what used to be the 24hour lab and is now a place for people to come and talk in their phones at the top of their voices, calm and content in the knowledge that it's only Wednesday and I still have a day to get my act together and look at some videos that don't belong to one of our contributors, when WHAM ohgodit'sthursdayI'dbetterputthisassignmentonholdandwriteahastyblog!

Yeah. So this will be another mostly picture-driven lol, but it's also good to mix things up a bit. Luckily, I've got a decent stock of lolpics in the various far reaches of my computer which I look at now and again to stave off the onset of university-based depression, so it's no big deal to share a couple with you kids when I've been neglecting the 'tubes.
Yeah yeah, it's long past April Fools', I still get a dark little laugh out of actually imagining someone in that position. I suspect it would be slightly damp, with occasional patches of wanting to hang the wardens.

Also, from the same school of artistry that brought us Captain Oblivious and his Amazing See-Thorough Eyepatch, we have another comic segment which takes at least a bronze medal at the No Prize Olympics:

If I were a betting man, I'd say she died because she was decapitated...

Also, I lied before. I have watched a few videos of late. This particular one is also in the realm of Everyone Has Seen It, but I think it warrants a mention.
This particular edition has the first and second volumes in one easy-to-swallow file, so enjoy!

Animator vs. Animation - parts I and II

The Aussie Citizenship Test

Finally tonight, we have another comic strip from the archives of the far side of political correctness. I fr one think Weeties should ditch that King Weet guy, or whatever his name is, and take up this as their campaign slogan.

"The taste lures you in for a second helping"... Priceless ^_^

See you all later.


P.S. - Notice if you will how many looong sentences I used, and how many hyphens...

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RoboFillet said...

"Because fuck physics" made me giggle like a little girl.

A girl I tells ya.