Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Sometimes I think targeted advertising goes a little too far don't you? Obviously my particulars are being used in this advertisement so that it speaks directly to me, only it comes out a little bit ridiculous.
20 and still single? Haha! Poor me! I must be something wrong with me, being all single and 20 like I am. I'm obviously past my prime. Perhaps I'll find an old maid, 19 or something, on this SinglesNet thing.

I found this "blog" via the Blogger front page. It's good for a few "lols".

That Garfield Minus Garfield site delivers a new lonelyJohn to my Reader every day (or thereabouts).

Never laughed so much in my life. Well I probably have - but not at an in-joke on the internet.

And the semi-obligatory lolcats. Because I love them:

Because political humour is better with cats. By the way, have you seen that t-shirt with the...? Oh never mind.

Because it has the word 'poop' and a cat with sans-serif text captions.

Finally here is an old direct message a friend sent me on Twitter one time. It still makes me laugh!

See you all next week.

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