Monday, April 7, 2008


I'm terribly sorry for my absences... I wasn't actually away last Monday, but i was so busy i didn't really have time to post. Life's been keeping me on my toes. Apart from flying interstate every second weekend to work I've had loads of assignments from school, and tones of scripts to learn. Plus I got a new laptop and decided to take my chances with a mac, which turned out not be a good thing as I've just returned the third one they've given me. That's right, three faulty ones in a row. And there still fucking me around. It gives me the shits.
So yeah... here are a few youtube videos you've probably already seen... I know it's lame... I'm sorry.

Nalts is Brilliant
So is Neil
And these two videos - one and two

Hopefully I'll see you again.


Azukar said...

Interstate to work? That's... intense :|

JohnOfJordan said...

Hang in there Carnie. :)