Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Welcome To The Ghost Town

It's quiet. A little too quiet. Last week we only had three LOL days (out of the usual five). It seems Leuke is too old to LOL (yesterday was his 17th birthday). Rohan had to have the weekend off. Rumour has it university might keep Joel too busy to lol this week. And finally Rob is "away". He has internet access to talk to his friends on MSN. But not LOL. What could it all mean? ;)

Wanna Buy A Ghost?

And finally... Mr. Men Books Updated for 2008... including Mr. Bulimia and Mr. Anal Retentive

Well hopefully I will live to LOL another day.
Talk to you then.

1 comment:

RoboFillet said...

Profuse apologies for missing last Wednesday - to make up for it I found a sit-in for this Friday. How does that sound for everyone?