Friday, April 18, 2008


Ed: These lols come from my friend Tom. Tom and I have known each other since the beginning of highschool and we now attend the same university. I hope you enjoy his lols - I know I did!

There was was a Scotsman of old,
who drank whiskey, alone in the cold.
He reached for his cup,
Oh snap, you got limerick rolled.
There once was a buggy AI
Who decided her subject should die.
When the plot was uncovered,
The subjected discovered
That sadly the cake was a lie.

Randall Munroe is the source of much loling.
I wonder if anyone else will find this funny.

I just discovered this comic. This is the first one I saw, but I recommend starting at the beginning.

And finally, this one is more for my amusement than yours.

Thanks for letting me post my lols!

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Nebo said...

Well the order is a little bit off (Blame Rohan :p), but I hope you enjoy my lols.