Thursday, April 3, 2008

All Good Things Come in Threes

Coincidence, or Grand Design? I have my own addition to the God-related lol business.

Behold: the astoundingly outrageous political slant of 1940s American comic books!

They've gone meta! Forget "the Jews killed Jesus", in fact it was the killers who killed the Jews who killed Jesus. Yeah. Peopel were not subtle in the WWII era.

In the genre of really dodgy comic book covers, take a long, hard look at these two panels, and see if you can spot the problem.

I took embarrassingly long to get it, as did my housemate. It's worth the effort - you'll burst out laughing when you see it.

Sorry, comic book artist person. You get no prizes from me.

In other news, I'm recently discovered Zero Punctuation. Not a grammatical problem, but instead a British-born, Australian game reviewer who has a muchly hilarious job creating animated reviews for The Escapist magazine. The only video I can embed is one of those he wrote before being signed up by the mag, but it's worth a look.

Go here to watch his other videos. They're updated weekly.

Zero Punctuation reviews "The Darkness" for the PS3

What's that you say? I need a lolcat to round out this edition? Oh, well if you insist...

This is THE best lolcat.

Oh, and I hate library computers. Every time I add a new photo, it puts another line between each of my paragraphs. Try explaining that without a bottle of wine behind your blood-brain barrier.

Okay, I'm done. Go check out sir Punctuation.



RoboFillet said...

MEGA lols at the God comic. No, not very subtle. What did the Germans do? Go back in time and kidnap the Messiah? Wouldn't the most clever plan be to STOP the crucifixion thus ridding those pesky Jew-hiding Christians of their impetus to break the law?

Hmm. I just put waaaay too much thought into that.

Also I saw the comic thing too, but it took me a good minute to figure it out. A good minute.

Azukar said...

Heh, then you still got it faster than I did..

Also, are we down to three lolmembers, or are the others just out of commission for a while?

JohnOfJordan said...

lol -- Leuke was apparently too busy and/or forgot. I don't know what Rob's excuse was... although he supposedly had to edit his AwesomeWorld video and have it up before 10:30am this morning.

But yes, they lack conviction.

Meanwhile this week I think we should call ourselves: The Holy LOL-ers.

JohnOfJordan said...

Surely intelligent design. ;)