Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Confessions of a Chair Sniffer

So it turns out that despite my empassioned tweet, the internet at large is not sympathetic to my pleas for lolhelp. The only love I got was from Lorcan, who sent me this:

I've not had the best few days (uni deadlines will do that to a person) so I haven't been on the lookout for new lols. I did, however, manage to scrounge up a few and find some in my lolfolder.

Well I don't know about you, but it seems to me that it all goes down in Western Australian state parliament.

Liberal MPs have contacted The Sunday Times claiming a former Liberal female staffer was the victim of a "chair sniffing'' incident in Mr Buswell's parliamentary office when he was a deputy to former leader, Matt Birney, in 2006.

A 'victim of chair sniffing' you say? Whatever next?! I find it particularly amusing that the incident happened in 2006, and the 'bra snapping' incident also mentioned in the article happened in 2005. It's highly amusing, but is it news?

I got this picture off a blog I found after Googling 'Fillet'. I've lost the address, however.

Yes, Googling one's usernames is terribly vain. Call me what you will - just don't accuse me of chair-sniffing.


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JohnOfJordan said...

Ah. That's why I got Rob that shirt that says "I Google Myself Frequently." xD