Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cards and Tiles, with a Hint of Lemon

Fillet can keep his manly lols business. I’m a go all post-structuralist on you and suggest that a manly lol is anything a man gets a laugh from. Nyer.

I was going to start this paragraph with “woo, what a week”, but then realised that I wrote exactly the same thing last time! Seriously! Seems like I just have very, very full-on weeks these days.

Give me the lols, I hear you shout!

Ever watched an episode of Yu-Gi-Oh? Neither have I, but this parody, written by LittleKuriboh, is hell of funny even if you don’t really know what the original show is about.

Episode 19: Jagshamesh

This particular episode is my favourite. Watch the whole series, though. It’s sure to have something that’ll get a laugh out of you.

Tilly and the Wall - Sing Songs Aloud

Not really laugh-out-loud funny, but it’s a cool take on hipster-cutester culture, and has zombies and everything!

In other lols...

Did Azukar laugh at this because it reminded him of his childhood? Maybe. Did it dredge up long-supressed memories of only walking up even-numbered steps, and inventing complex rule system for walking on different surfaces? Possibly...

Tiles, hmm. That makes me think of Scrabble! Everyone likes Scrabble, right? It's a game up there with Monopoloy and Anagram in terms of generating family feuds.
That's about enough for today. Now, my dilemma: go drown myself in methodology, or have a nap. It's an important decision, people...

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RoboFillet said...

Azukar Alexander is a cop-out. Post-structuralism is what philosophers talk about when they are feeling lazy.

"It just happens that way because it works"