Thursday, March 6, 2008

Guess the Overarching Theme Edition

Okay, I was going to concede the lack-of-manly-lols thing, but if Fillet can give himself another week, so can I.

Woo, what a week. From last Thursday to today, I don’t think my feet have touched the ground even once. Serves me right for making the career choices I’ve made, I guess.

I’ve got high-speed Internet again at last, meaning that I’ve been able to do a bit of ’Tubing, and I’ve been getting up to speed on the recent work samples from the Vancouver Film School. Students put up their animation reels, short videos and scripts up on YouTube for the world to see, and they’re generally very, very awesome. Let’s see if I’ve figured out how to embed video in Blogspot yet…

The Switch

Speaking of short movies, but not speaking of YouTube, here’s a Cyanide and Happiness short which had me crying with laughter the first time I watched it. Yeah, I was in a funny mood that day…


Leuke, if it’s any consolation, yours and Fillet’s fish tend to get the most food when I feed them, even if I deliberately click right in front of my own albino carp. So maybe it all balances out in the end.

Finally, let’s flick channels to When Comics Go Wrong.
Think about how many words you could say between jumping out of a fairly short tree and landing on the ground. Could you say your name? Probably. Recite the alphabet? Doubtful.

Now, for your pleasure and flabbergastation, marvel at this strip from the X-MEN verse:

That’s all from me, folks. Keep laughing.


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