Friday, March 21, 2008


hello hello

yes i know i missed my week last week and im very sorry, but by the time i realised it was already too late, and i was left with 2 decisions, either post late on sunday, or wait untill this week and do a double post, and i decided to wait. SO without further ado!

I haver recently gotten addicted to the popular social networking site, facebook. and i was filling out a survey on the site when i found these, no need to say, they made me lol.

It really is...

mmmmmmmm.... coffeeeee....
Its hard to pass up a pickup line like that!
I think john and hank run it...

hip diggity...?
hmmmmmm.. tis an intriguing thought.

okey dokey, i will soon be posting ANOTHER LOL POST! GASP! just to even up my numbers with leuke and john, rohan seems to have considerable more posts than any of us... but i think this is because he was the first to post the lols as a blog and he was also the last one to have a day of non normal lols, which gave him another extra one... anyways.

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