Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tigger Got Game!

Here's Tigger...

Re: Maisie eating Carrot by TiggerTalks

Anti-Mind Virus from XKCD.com

(If you don't understand this. Don't ask questions. Just smile and move along quickly... before you get sucked into one of the most juvenile things EVER!)

Also This Edition

Bored With The Internet (So apt! Check out my blog)

The GnomeFather

"If at first you don't succeed, lol and lol again."

I dedicate this entry to my friend from high school, David Evans, who suggested recently I should study law. (I pity the fool!) Actually I shall share a LOL-able anecdote with you about my friend David. A few years ago somebody by the name of "David Evans" was hit by lightning on a cricket pitch in Bomaderry and died. I subsequently received an SMS message from the David I knew, saying, "Hey Lacey, did you hear I got hit by lightning and died?!"

Okay. I guess you had to be there. =P


killertoothbrush said...

How dare you call the game juvenile! =O

halfscottishguy said...


do it, you know you want to!

RoboFillet said...

You do understand that I'm taking this comic literally. I'm now free of the game. Forever.

Azukar said...

Bored with the Internet: I've done this more than once. Only usually it's more like, "Bored with Status Quo".

Azukar said...

oh noes! I just clicked through to www.losethegame.com!

Everything is ruined forever!