Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Gotta Go I'm Running Late KTHXBI

So many things happened to me this week! Thankfully most of those things were also conductive to lols. So before I skip out and go to my music festival that I'm going to, come and have a bit of a giggle with me.

Do you know anyone who knows pi to some really stupid place? Go on. Everyone knows someone.

Have any of you ever been to The Sneeze? This blog is very funny - even the ads are funny! On the sidebar, I espied this little gem:Also YouTube has been making me laugh and laugh these past few days. Not because of the videos (well... partly because of the videos) but because the users can sometimes just be so internet.Do you know what fanny means in Australia? Google it or something. I've removed this person's username so I won't get in trouble by them or anything, but the comment is still up there on my channel if you want to make sure it's not photoshopped (like who would photoshop a lol anyway?).

Finally I've got a Twitter update from JenLuv37. She has such good humour about her pregnancy.
Maybe I'll get some lols on camera while I'm at Easterfest? Who knows!

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JohnOfJordan said...

Oh that JenLuv is such a glamorous woman. I remember that time I spent her a message about delaying the announcement of the winner of the youtube non-stars and she was all, "Hello - pregnant!"

And I think I sympathetically said something to the effect of: "So...?" lol

Ah. Good times.