Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Text Only. Becasue I Fail.

Sorry sorry sorry guys. I completely fail at finding lols this week. And at simple grammar. Apparently.

At MY music festival there was many a lol to be had, but none that really translate into stories that are able to be told. But what the hell I'll give it a go anyway.

I was camping at the festival and while there I met these girls who were actually from Toowoomba itself (but were still camping for some reason). In Toowoomba there must be something in the water (ooh snap! Oh wait, nobody's going to get that) because these girls were hilarious!

Essentially they would sit outside their tent and accost people as they walked by with questions like how does the Bohemian Rhapsody start? and statements like Let me see your zoid zoid! Let me see your zoid zoid! Never mind that nobody has the faintest idea what a zoid is. Neither did they. Once a person had answered the question, they'd get them to recite the Bohemian Rhapsody or to demonstrate their best dance move. It was pure gold.

Other campers would run around with a couch that had speakers embedded in it which would play music. At seemingly random moments they would spring to their feet and move the couch to a new location. While moving they would collect a crowd of dancing people who would stay for a minute or two before getting bored and drifting on.

I also saw my old principal's son dressed as Spiderman.

Hmm. Not being on the internet for a week makes it difficult to find funny stuff. I'm sure I'll be back to form next week.

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