Wednesday, March 12, 2008

We are Manly LolMen

I've decided my definition of 'manly lols' is any lol that doesn't include a kitten. In Joel can do better, then so be it but I have decided the internet is a place manly men go in order to giggle without shame.

If you don't know who John Green is you are missing out. He did features for public radio in Chicago for a while and you can still find transcripts of them on his website. Reading this one about university was particularly poignant for me seeing as I've just gone back to full time study after a rather extended absence.

Must... not... post... lolcat...

There's a good friend of mine, littleradge, who is from Scotland. We often talk on MSN and whatnot. Occasionally we'll talk about the differences between our two countries but usually it doesn't come up too often. That is, until he commented ever-so innocently:

I didn't know that 'ach' was a noise you could translate into text, but apparently I was wrong.


Who likes Hillary? Who knew she likes souls?

Thank goodness I can go back to my girlish lols next week. That nearly killed me.

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Azukar said...

I concede. That Hillary Clinton lol just isn't beatable.