Wednesday, February 13, 2008

And I was Like, "We'd Probably Have to be Married for That to Work"

Don't forget your lols Ro!

How are you today good? Good.

I have a new source of lols! It's Savage Chickens where some guy whose surname is Savage draws chickens on post-it notes. Hilarity ensures.
This one is so funny because it's true. There is one sure-fire way to lose all faith in humanity and that is by working in customer service.

Have you heard of Wisemanthree? He was one of my first subscribers on YouTube and now he's just become a partner. Anyway, this video of his really got me for some reason.

Also Nalts posted the following video on his responseofnalts channel about his recent trip to London. Americans in other people's countries are always funny.

I also really enjoyed his Rowdy in London video, because it makes fun of my two favourite countries to make fun of - America and the United Kingdom.

Someone posted a hater comment on one of my videos. My immediate reaction was to laugh my face off. Lookey:
And finally, a Lolcat - because I can't help myself.


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