Sunday, February 10, 2008

Link's only edition

Right so here i am again, and I notice we have yet to get more people in on the campaign. I was totally skeptical about this blog thing, but it's kinda cool... I can just sit here and ramble on... But i shan't!

Let's kick of the proceedings with a hilarious anecdote.... *sigh* I wish I was in VLR... lol
Our Very own riverbasil has made a hilarious Valentines video, so go check that out. And as we all know, River basil love Nalts, so check out his latest video. =P
fwins anyone?
And the non-Youtube article of the week: explosm's peter pan cult. ^^

So that's if from me, Leukeface..... *sigh* lol

I'll see you tomorrow John... =D

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