Tuesday, February 5, 2008

You remind me of this bowl of lol!

Woa! I'm like, all out of loljuice. Of course, I could just fill this up with more kind-of-funny lolcats or other stuff this is kind of lol, but that wouldn't be doing the lols justice. Instead I'll just focus on a very few things that made me lol.

A picture of a text message my friend Jay-Dee sent to me last night.

I laughed a lot when I received this message, not only because of the way it's written, but also because she was standing about a metre away from me at the time.

Video: Kinda catchy...

Pictures: Going through Natalie Dee's archives made me laugh at this animal attack series she did. As well as this one. It helps if you can read the titles (in the URL).

Many happy lols to you!


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