Friday, February 29, 2008

busy busy busy

OK well to start, WELCOMNE TO JOEL! We have our fifth member so we are onto a regular posting days! yea yea i know its old news but i haven't had a chance to say yay about it yet!

I watched this video by gradualreport and loved and faved it. then it got a global feature! wowowow!... well i thought it was kinda cool that i saw it ahead of the crowd... anyway,

Here is a funny comic from the polluted mind of Rob at explosm
and also a comic from the rather polluted mind of matt, also from explosm

okey dokey, that's all from me this week, now i have to go and upload another video to OAW, finish editing a collab for HSG, make 2 other videos for HSG and post a blog on my actual blog... iek...

Ed: 29/Feb/08 - Rob! Don't forget to tag your lols! - Rohan

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