Sunday, February 17, 2008

late lolz

i know i know i missed my day, I am sorry about that but i have been really busy latley.

there will just be 2 posts today, anyway, here are the lols!
The real Naomi Robson (if this has been lolled before then sorry)
(and she totally sounds like Kath from Kath and Kim when she says "oh gawd I'm looking absolutely tragic")
This dancing bear is surprisingly addictive, (watch it twice, it is far better the sec
ond time) after watching ti a few times i can't stop coming back to watch it again.
Rohan made a quite funny video about this blog and his main blog which made me lol.
and i have been going through the cad archives from the begining, here are some comics i especially liked. =)
Now let me get back to my graphics work!