Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ninjas vs Pirates: A LOLFest

Leuke: Ninjas and Pirates have always been mortal enemies; pirates have birds; this particular bird was owned by someone I met on Stickam, who (one supposes) sends email; My Name is URL is the story of one man's quest to make up for a lifetime of technological social faux pas. Oh and as far as bad taste technological social faux pas goes... calling Britney a mad cow, nice one NINEMSN!

Massaar6's Ninjas Pwn Pirates

Also This Edition
Phenom Shortbeard - Drive Like a Pirate

Jabbabird is bring BIRDY BACK!

My name is URL

And Finally....

Is Britney Spears A Mad Cow? A follow up on an observation made by Rohan earlier. Not necessarily funny, but I think valid and worth sharing!

1 comment:

RoboFillet said...

Ninjas SO do not pwn pirates. Pirates are just more fun to be around.