Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I Want To Tickle You

Hey! We got our first comment yesterday! I'm so glad we have an audience besides ourselves... Considering RLWOOD asked so nicely I'll include not so many YouTube videos in today's lols. I can't really watch them either, RLWOOD. My connection is too slow!

Previously on my own blog I talked about the day I went to Wet 'n Wild with my church. What I didn't tell you there, however, that it was worth the entire price of admission just to hear a friend of mine say 'fuck' when he went down the Tornado with me and two others. He was absolutely petrified! I laughed all the way down.

It's no secret that Cute With Chris is one of my favourite shows on the internet, it always makes me lol, but he also has a blog which is updated several times a day with his cutery. People also send stuff to him. One of his latest entries, entitled 'Jugs are for coffee' cracked me up.

Oh I can't help myself. The fiveawesomegirls are just too awesome:

Also - lolcat! WANT!

And as always, Natalie Dee.
Entitled: It Feels Good To Get Things Off Your Chest

Has it occurred to anyone else that I have a really feminine taste in lols? I've gotta find myself some manly lols. Like to do with um... there's totally nothing on the internet that is a manly lol. It's all kittens and funny drawings that would never find themselves into Men's Health.

Even XKCD doesn't really get a ten in the manlies. I ever so enjoy it though.

Alt text: You can identify them ahead-of-time -- they lead with their left foot when the music starts.

I'm gonna go find me some manly lols for next week.

See you tomorrow Joel.

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RLWOOD said...

I read this post about 3 weeks ago - but never really 'read' it, I'm more of a look at the pictures and giggle type of girl.

So back to my story - after reading all the newer posts I went back in blog time and read the old ones (great use of tafe time if I do say so myself) and notice you mentioned me :) Thanks!!

Just keep lol-ing!!

P.S Actual name: Renee - If i'm ever referenced again use that, I'll feel less tool like.